Wongarra Farm has one of the oldest truffieres in Victoria. It has been producing the much sought after Perigord Black Truffles for over a decade. Truffles grow among the roots of specially inoculated oak trees. They are notoriously fickle and demand a very specific range of conditions, including generous late summer rains, rich alkaline soil and a clever dog to seek them out. The season begins in late May each year and finishes in early August.

Wongarra Farm truffles are available from selected retailers in Melbourne, including Georgie’s Harvest at South Melbourne Market and Madame Truffles. They also grace the menus of fine dining restaurants such as Brae, France Soir and Rosetta. Truffles can also be ordered directly from the farm or purchased from our weekly market stall at the Apollo Bay foreshore market.

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You can come on a quick truffle tour via a video thanks to Greg Saunders here.

Truffles scalesTruffle in hand