The farm offers a diverse range of produce, albeit on a small scale. Most is sold locally, supplying local restaurants or to individual clients directly.

Some of our produce includes:

  • Free-range pork from our rare-breed Wessex Saddleback pigs. These pigs are born and raised on the farm and allowed to range on pasture, in our orchard or through the truffiere. The ham and bacon they produce is second to none.
  • Pastured eggs from our flock of New Hampshire, Australorp and White Leghorn hens. Our chooks are housed in moveable shelters and allowed to range across our pastures throughout the year.
  • Grass-fed beef from our small herd of Welsh Black cattle. These animals are bred and raised on the farm until at least two and a half years, fed only on grass and hay produced on the farm.
  • Grass-fed lamb from our herd of Black-Faced Suffolk sheep. Once again, these animals are bred and raised on the farm.
  • A selection of heirloom vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit and wild mushrooms.

You can find us at the Apollo Bay foreshore market most Saturday mornings or contact us for direct orders from the farm.

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